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Protective agency

For vessel owners and charterers who need an established agent to oversee port call operations and liaise with the charterer’s agent, GCS MARITIME AGENCY is perfectly placed to meet those needs by offering any or all of the services below :


 Reporting the vessel/cargo status

  •  Attendance on board vessel to meet the Master
  •  Confirmation of specific port operating practices and restrictions
  •  Verifying & checking all cargo documents (final Statement of Facts, timesheets, agent’s reports)
  •  Approving bills of lading
  •  Handling crew replacement/changes, medical issues, bunkers, spare parts
  •  Receipt of owner’s funds and payment to Charterer’s agent
  •  Verifying and checking the pro-forma DA submitted by the charterer’s agent for compliance with tariff

 Assistance with post-call issues


Sts operation assistance

We make sure transfer of cargo between seagoing ships positioned alongside each other, either while stationary or underway. Cargoes typically transferred via STS methods include crude oil, liquefied gas (LPG or LNG), bulk cargo, and petroleum products.


Shipping agency

We have been involved in the tanker agency services over the years in Republic of Togo and are established as the fastest growing maritime service provider with a seasoned workforce committed to delivering efficient, timely, and professional services in line with regulatory safety practices.

 As port tanker agents, we ensure our clients, both charterers, cargo receivers and vessel owners are duly informed of berthing schedules and other maritime news within West Africa/Togo. We are proud to provide a range of maritime services to the oil and gas sector, from midstream to downstream where we serve as a key chain between charterers, cargo owners, ship owners and receivers.


Maritime security

The Autonomous Port of Lome receives a large number of ships whose safety is important. So we offer you security services as an armed escort or on board your ship with total protection.
In agreement with the togolese authorities, GCS Maritime Agency secures your vessel during your transhipment and all security operations


Crew change

CREW CHANGE EXERCISE In view of vessels crew change exercise, the following information will be necessary to carry out a smooth handing over :

1. Name and Rank of Crew Member
2. Date/Place of Birth
3. Valid Passport Number
4. DOI/DOE of International Passport
5. Nationality of Crew Member
6. Seaman’s Discharge Book Number

Kindly download below our crew change procedure for further guidance


Clearance and warehouse

Our outstanding quality and consistent availability throughout the life cycle of our product make us an extremely reliable partner. To meet your individual needs, we offer a wide variety of parts solutions. In addition, the high availability of parts, coupled with our excellent logistics network, ensures that items reach their destination quickly and at the right time of day or night.


Bunker supply

Your Agency GCS MARITIME through its affiliate bunker supply company, can accept bunker and lubes orders. We ensure that necessary permits are secured on time for a hassle-free delivery of bunker and lubes.


Fresh water supply

We supply quality fresh and treated water to all type of floating units and commercial vessels at berth or offshore in the Togolese ports with professional handling, timely and reliable for their logistics replenishment.


Dry provisions supply

GCS MARITIME Agency Supply offers a wide range of fresh, frozen, dry provisions and other provisions supply. We source our products from all over the globe, to ensure that cost efficiency and quality is always achieved. Fresh provisions are collected daily straight from the farm insuring the best quality always. We supply all food products, both domestic and imported, from our own warehouses. All our provisions supply is in excellent quality. Our provisions supply is better than the market prices.


Lube oil supply

Motor Oil Supply is a wholesale oil distributor serving the Pacific Northwest for over 30 years. We carry more brands than any other distributor in the region, offering a full line of lubricants, automotive products, and equipment. If you need it, we can get it. We service all types of automotive businesses from small one-man auto repair shops to large car dealerships. All of our customers are important and we service each with equal commitment and care.


Marine paints & chemical with thinner supply – engines & deck stores supply – collect of garbage and cash to master

We supply all kinds of marine paints international and chemicals. We supply main engine, auxiliary engine, oil compressor, bearing pairs, heat exchangers, deck store and morning rope. We pick up the garbage from your vessels and delivery charges for Cash To Master (Bank charges + Insurance + Handling).


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